Meal Prep


This service consist of healthy meals prepared specifically for YOU! I purchase your food, cook the meals, and deliver them right to your door. OR I can come and cook your meals fresh in your home! 

Detox Tea


Supports fat loss, helps eliminate impurities, cleanses your body, and targets your waistline! If you are struggling with weight loss, bloating, belly fat, carrying fat in hard to reach areas, or you simply are in need of a good detox, then our detox tea is definitely what you need!


Fitness Packages 


This package includes a written 10-day cleanse, written 1-month workout plan, and a written 1-month food plan. Every plan is customized for each individual based on their needs and likes. (This package doesn't include ANY COOKED FOOD) 

In need of a great cleansing or desire to jump-start your weight loss goals? It is time you give my 10-Day Food Cleanse a try!


I created this food plan (Yes, food can clean you out) four years ago after I had my second child to help me lose weight from my pregnancy. My food plan worked so well, I decided that I wanted to provide this as a service for everyone else.


This cleanse is an individually customized plan to attack your fat. The best part of the plan? All the instructions you need are right here! Here's how it works;


The foods chosen for you will help you clean your body out of toxins and unwanted fat, which then improves the bodily functions!


More Energy!

100% Natural! No diet pills! No harmful drinks!


Ladies, if you already love some of your current curves, don't worry! You can lose your gut and keep your butt! Your curves will finally shine without the fat being attached!


It will improve your digestive system and helps everything grow! (Hair, nails, new skin and more)


The food plan consists of 3 meals per day plus some savory snacks! Starving yourself does not help your body work better! Your body NEEDS food so therefore you need to EAT!


Eating the foods included in this cleanse helps to speed up your metabolism which helps you burn fat and bad calories. This means you digest food faster & the bad stuff doesn't store in your body! Time to give it a try!


5 Day Fat Flush 


Lose inches on your waist in just 5 DAYS!


 5 Detox Tea Bags

5 Day Food Plan & Grocery List

Core Trainer Guide


This workout guide is strictly focusing on your ABS! I have provided you with all of my favorite core exercises that can be done at home or in the gym, that I believe are most effective! There are 7 different core workouts, one for each day of the week.This guide works BEST along with my detox tea and 10-Day Food Plan! Click below to get started!