My Top 10 Daily Must Haves!

 Lets be honest, knowing how to get through each day can be extremely challenging. Here are 10 things I must have pretty much everyday to help me stay fit, healthy and at peace! 1. I must take baths! Soaking at least once a day helps me relax and find a little window of me time. I use bath salts, bubble bath and oils to help me recover from my workouts, keeps my skin smooth and most importantly it calms my nerves! 2. I must read! Starting each day reading something motivating or encouraging really helps me set the tone for that day. Something as simple as a two minute devotional from a book or an app gets the job done. 3. I must eat breakfast! Fueling my body in the morning is so essential for my day. Typically I eat some oatmeal and egg whites. Something very quick and simple so I'm not spending too much of my morning on a meal. 4. I must exercise! Please don't think I'm a workout junkie, I promise that's not the case lol. I am however addicted to endorphins. When you exercise, your body releases a chemical hormone called endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body. Its one of the best feelings in the world! Also, having a gym membership is so helpful for me. It gets me out of work-mode when I need to take a break even if I have the kids with me. They can go in the child center, and I can go and do my own thing.  5. I must drink water! Water has so many positive effects on our bodies. It helps me stay hydrated, keeps my bloating down, keeps the skin clear, flushes out impurities, and helps me stay full throughout the day. Start drinking water as soon as you wake up in the morning and watch it change your life.  6. I must have Dove soap! I use Dove soap on my face and body. It helps my skin feel clean without leaving it dry. Using the Dove white bar on my face has been my go to face wash for years.  7. I must have body oil! I actually prefer oil for my skin over lotion. Lotion has a lot of ingredients in it that I can do without. Natural oils are better for the skin and seems to keep my skin hydrated longer.  8. I must have my nails done! I am HUGE on this. I get my nails done once a week, sometimes twice a week just depending on what I have planned. Most of the time I am walking around in workout clothes, without makeup and my hair is probably sweated out. Its important to me to be consistent in having nice nails because it still represents that I care about my appearance.  9. I must have a variety of workout clothes! I don't like repeating my workout clothes often and wearing different clothes motivates me to want to go workout. This may sound a little extreme, but trust me it helps to find a cute workout outfit when you don't feel like going to the gym.  10. I must have my detox tea. My detox tea helps me out on so many levels. It keeps my waistline slim. Ill be honest, I don't eat healthy and only drink water all the time. When I go out to eat or want to indulge, I can count on my detox tea to flush it all out and keep my bloating down. 

4 Ingredient Pancakes!

Raise your hand if you love pancakes.... Now raise your hand again if you know that they aren't always good for you... Regular store bought pancakes contain a lot of sodium, carbs and calories! ll things that will NOT help our bodies get up to Parr. What if I told you I have the perfect recipe for great tasting pancakes that are easy to make and extremely healthy. You wouldn't believe me would you? If you're a big eater like myself then you may struggle with not feeling content after eating healthy meals. I try to cut back on bread and dough's as much as possible but its just sooooo good right? I recently found the PERFECT way to eat pancakes more often with the bloated and feeling of guilt after I indulge. Here is what you will need: 1 Whole Banana 2 Cage-free Brown Eggs Organic Ground Cinnamon Almond Milk Directions: Smash up a peeled banana in a bowl, add the eggs, cinnamon and almond milk and mix together well. Heat an iron non-stick pan on medium heat and spray with 100% Olive Oil Cooking Spray. Once the ingredients are mixed well, pour your desired amount into the pan and cook on each side until browned. You may add bananas or any fruit of your choice on top of the pancakes once they are placed on a plate. If you really want to keep it healthy, use Organic Agave sweetener instead of syrup. This is a recipe you will really enjoy!‚Äč

Do We Really Need To Drink More Water??

We always hear people say, "Make sure you drink water", "You need to drink more water", or "Drinking water is good for you". But.. .why? Do we truly know why we need to be drinking water? I've been told drinking too much water isn't good for you, is that true? With all the myths out here, how do we know what water really does for our bodies? I've collected a few facts and benefits of drinking water in hopes of helping you enjoy drinking water a little more after you've completed reading this short blog. First, why is water so important for our bodies? Well, I'll start by saying this; our brains are 90% water and our bodies are about 70% water. The majority of our blood and every cell in our bodies are made up of water. That lets us know right there that in order for our bodies to function properly, we need water! Lets think of our bodies like a car. A car is made up of many components, some of which are more important than others. Water is to our bodies what oil is to our cars. It can run without oil, but not for very long, and it definitely runs better when its had an oil change and all of the oil in our car is filled up!  How much water do we need? Everyone's water intake is a little different depending on size and weight. Its been said that each person should drink enough ounces to equal half our body weight. for example, I weight around 145 pounds, which would equal 72.5 ounces. That comes out to about nine 8 ounce water bottles a day! I'm sure if we are really honest with ourselves, we can admit we are NOT drinking enough water for our bodily needs!! What are some benefits of drinking all that water? I'm glad you asked!  1. Increases energy! Since our brains are mostly water, drinking more water will increase energy levels. 2. Assist with weight loss! The more water you drink, the more your stomach is full and the less hungry you will be which means you will eat less! 3. Flushes out toxins! You know all those great things we put in our bodies that make us feel so good: alcohol, fast food, snacks, junk, soda, coffee, medicines, etc. yes water flushes that out through sweat and urination.  4. Improves skin. Water keeps your skin fresh, moisturized soft and glowing!  5. Helps with digestion. Water is essential to digesting your food and prevents constipation. 6. Helps boost your immune system. People who drink water consistently are less likely to get sick. Drinking water helps fight against sicknesses and other ailments. 7. Cleans out your system. A person who drinks a lot of water is a clean person. Think about it; we brush our teeth with WATER. We wash our clothes with WATER. We take a shower with WATER. We wash the dishes with WATER. We wash our cars with WATER. So what else would be best for cleaning the inside of our bodies other than WATER? 8. Keeps you hydrated. Being properly hydrated helps prevent cramping, and creates less joint and muscle pain.  I know water doesn't always taste great, but the more you drink it, the more you will grow to like it. Until then, add some lemon, lime, or your favorite fruit and ice to it and you will enjoy it a lot more! Lets all work a little harder on drinking more water. Besides, its cheaper than going to starbucks everyday anyway!!!

Having a hard time losing weight? I've been there too!

The weight Loss Journey of Sabrina Parr! If you've seen me in person or have seen any of my recent/current photos of myself, you may find it surprising that I have struggled with my weight and my body. In 2012, I was pregnant with my first child. Although this was an amazing experience for me, I couldn't believe I gained over 60 pounds and on my delivery da I was about 202lbs! My normal weight has always been between 138-142. Having all of that extra weight was not easy to carry or lose! I remember after my first child, I started working out about 3 weeks after I gave birth and that was harmful to my body. It ultimately resulted in me having to stop exercising all together for about another 6 weeks. It seemed as if it was taking me forever to lose weight and get back into shape, and just when I was getting to a point of comfort, I was pregnant again about 6 months later with my second child! I hadn't even lost all the weight yet from my first baby and here I was again!  During my second pregnancy, I was always very tired, sore, and swollen. I couldn't workout much and I always gave into my cravings. (Meaning I ate whatever I wanted)!This really concerned me because I felt I was going to be even heavier than the first pregnancy and losing the weight was going to be harder than before. About 9 months Later in August of 2013, I gave birth when I was 37 weeks pregnant and weighed 203lbs!I learned from my first pregnancy and didn't rush to the gym like the first time around. I told myself I would allow my body to change naturally so for the first month or so after giving birth I didn't do anything at all. I didn't diet, nor did I exercise yet. I was staying home taking care of my children. being a wife and allowing my body to heal. During that time, I began to do some research on the body. I learned what foods our bodies need in order to burn fat, have more energy, and to improve the digestive system. Upon my research, I created a 10-Day Food Cleanse for myself to use.  After a full 1-2 months of allowing my body to heal, I started the 10-Day Cleanse. I also started doing some walking and very very light exercise. 10 days later I was 9 pounds lighter and saw great results (see the far right top photo as a reference). I felt pretty good and decided I needed to find a way to continue this type of food regiment but not as restricted. That's when I created the 1-Month Food Plan! Not only was I lighter in pounds but my body felt a lot better so I knew I was ready to add some weight training and more cardio into my routine. I started using the food plan and that following month I did the 10-Day cleanse again! I continued alternating from the food plan, to the cleanse plan every other month until I felt comfortable with my size. Months later I was at a comfortable weight of 142 and looked great! Changing the way I ate each did not only change my weight, health and size but it changed my life! I now have more energy which causes me to get more done during the day and have better workouts. It also allows me to change things about my body at a more rapid speed! I'm not sure where I would be if I hadn't made these changes. I created this program not only for myself, but to be able to teach others what to do as well! I knew if I could do it with 2 small children, a husband, a business and more, then anyone could do it! It was through my own weight loss experiences that I learned how to truly help change lives!  For more info on my food plans and weight loss services, click on the services tab!