Having a hard time losing weight? I've been there too!

The weight Loss Journey of Sabrina Parr!


If you've seen me in person or have seen any of my recent/current photos of myself, you may find it surprising that I have struggled with my weight and my body. In 2012, I was pregnant with my first child. Although this was an amazing experience for me, I couldn't believe I gained over 60 pounds and on my delivery da I was about 202lbs! My normal weight has always been between 138-142. Having all of that extra weight was not easy to carry or lose! I remember after my first child, I started working out about 3 weeks after I gave birth and that was harmful to my body. It ultimately resulted in me having to stop exercising all together for about another 6 weeks.


It seemed as if it was taking me forever to lose weight and get back into shape, and just when I was getting to a point of comfort, I was pregnant again about 6 months later with my second child! I hadn't even lost all the weight yet from my first baby and here I was again! 


During my second pregnancy, I was always very tired, sore, and swollen. I couldn't workout much and I always gave into my cravings. (Meaning I ate whatever I wanted)!

This really concerned me because I felt I was going to be even heavier than the first pregnancy and losing the weight was going to be harder than before.


About 9 months Later in August of 2013, I gave birth when I was 37 weeks pregnant and weighed 203lbs!I learned from my first pregnancy and didn't rush to the gym like the first time around. I told myself I would allow my body to change naturally so for the first month or so after giving birth I didn't do anything at all. I didn't diet, nor did I exercise yet. I was staying home taking care of my children. being a wife and allowing my body to heal.


During that time, I began to do some research on the body. I learned what foods our bodies need in order to burn fat, have more energy, and to improve the digestive system. Upon my research, I created a 10-Day Food Cleanse for myself to use. 


After a full 1-2 months of allowing my body to heal, I started the 10-Day Cleanse. I also started doing some walking and very very light exercise. 10 days later I was 9 pounds lighter and saw great results (see the far right top photo as a reference). I felt pretty good and decided I needed to find a way to continue this type of food regiment but not as restricted. That's when I created the 1-Month Food Plan!


Not only was I lighter in pounds but my body felt a lot better so I knew I was ready to add some weight training and more cardio into my routine. I started using the food plan and that following month I did the 10-Day cleanse again! I continued alternating from the food plan, to the cleanse plan every other month until I felt comfortable with my size. Months later I was at a comfortable weight of 142 and looked great!


Changing the way I ate each did not only change my weight, health and size but it changed my life! I now have more energy which causes me to get more done during the day and have better workouts. It also allows me to change things about my body at a more rapid speed! I'm not sure where I would be if I hadn't made these changes.


I created this program not only for myself, but to be able to teach others what to do as well! I knew if I could do it with 2 small children, a husband, a business and more, then anyone could do it! It was through my own weight loss experiences that I learned how to truly help change lives! 


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