Do We Really Need To Drink More Water??

We always hear people say, "Make sure you drink water", "You need to drink more water", or "Drinking water is good for you". But.. .why? Do we truly know why we need to be drinking water? I've been told drinking too much water isn't good for you, is that true? With all the myths out here, how do we know what water really does for our bodies? I've collected a few facts and benefits of drinking water in hopes of helping you enjoy drinking water a little more after you've completed reading this short blog.


First, why is water so important for our bodies? Well, I'll start by saying this; our brains are 90% water and our bodies are about 70% water. The majority of our blood and every cell in our bodies are made up of water. That lets us know right there that in order for our bodies to function properly, we need water! Lets think of our bodies like a car. A car is made up of many components, some of which are more important than others. Water is to our bodies what oil is to our cars. It can run without oil, but not for very long, and it definitely runs better when its had an oil change and all of the oil in our car is filled up! 


How much water do we need? Everyone's water intake is a little different depending on size and weight. Its been said that each person should drink enough ounces to equal half our body weight. for example, I weight around 145 pounds, which would equal 72.5 ounces. That comes out to about nine 8 ounce water bottles a day! I'm sure if we are really honest with ourselves, we can admit we are NOT drinking enough water for our bodily needs!!


What are some benefits of drinking all that water? I'm glad you asked! 


1. Increases energy! Since our brains are mostly water, drinking more water will increase energy levels.


2. Assist with weight loss! The more water you drink, the more your stomach is full and the less hungry you will be which means you will eat less!


3. Flushes out toxins! You know all those great things we put in our bodies that make us feel so good: alcohol, fast food, snacks, junk, soda, coffee, medicines, etc. yes water flushes that out through sweat and urination. 


4. Improves skin. Water keeps your skin fresh, moisturized soft and glowing! 


5. Helps with digestion. Water is essential to digesting your food and prevents constipation.


6. Helps boost your immune system. People who drink water consistently are less likely to get sick. Drinking water helps fight against sicknesses and other ailments.


7. Cleans out your system. A person who drinks a lot of water is a clean person. Think about it; we brush our teeth with WATER. We wash our clothes with WATER. We take a shower with WATER. We wash the dishes with WATER. We wash our cars with WATER. So what else would be best for cleaning the inside of our bodies other than WATER?


8. Keeps you hydrated. Being properly hydrated helps prevent cramping, and creates less joint and muscle pain. 


I know water doesn't always taste great, but the more you drink it, the more you will grow to like it. Until then, add some lemon, lime, or your favorite fruit and ice to it and you will enjoy it a lot more! Lets all work a little harder on drinking more water. Besides, its cheaper than going to starbucks everyday anyway!!!