Sabrina Parr is an award winning Five-Time All-American and two-Time State Track Champion. Sabrina also won a state title at her alma mater Collinwood High School as an assistant coach. Her meticulous business acumen and attention to detail has changed lives across the state of Ohio . Sabrina also provides her charismatic and bubbly personality to ESPN as a radio broadcaster where she is known for her in-depth "locker-room" insight and veracious commentary.  

Recognized for her athletic experience and physique, Sabrina created a program for others who desired a healthier dietary and physical lifestyle. It was at this time that Sabrina put her muscle into becoming Cleveland's "health coach" when she launched her results driven "MyFit" meal and workout regimen. (refer to the results tab for more info on her health journey). In no time, hundreds of testimonials poured into her social media feed from "MyFit" members who welcomed the astounding weight loss results. 

Sabrina has since birthed a mission titled "Getting up to Parr", that teaches others you don't have to be wealthy, influential, or live in the best neighborhoods to accomplish your fitness goals. You can achieve them by simply utilizing the resources provided by Sabrina and "My Fit". With cost-effective plans that ensure results, "Getting Up to Parr" for a healthier lifestyle has never been more attainable. As your health coach, Sabrina will drive you toward the results while providing you relevant information to empower your health journey for the future!  It's time to GET UP TO PARR!